RDTK Ep#1 Part 1

So, we begin with a Hospital , a teenager boy having a baseball bat in his hand, with rebellious features makes a fuss, breaks glass etc, the background voice says:
Now, in recent past, that same teenager in schoool uniform in that hospital ward requesting passerby medical staff to check his father because he got here first,
the background voice says:
Again, with baseball bat, he continues to strike, the caption says:

Now, the reason gets revealed , His father passed away awaiting his surgery, while an Assemblyman was operated upon,


The voice says:

“It became an era in which patients were discriminated against based on Who they were and How much money they had”

We return to where the boy is breaking things,


Then, a Doctor makes an entrance, his face is not revealed, He puts that teenager boy under control very easily and injects him a sedative, and in 1, 2 & 3, he passes out as a result of sedative.

When the boy wakes up, ┬áhe looks up with blurry eyes and we see a name written on doctor’s overall,


That doctor stitches the boy’s injured wrist and says:



He continues to say,

“Even if you go around swinging a baseball bat for 100 days those people won’t even remember your face.

If you really want to get Revenge, become a much Better Human Being than those people. Don’t get revenge with anger but with Skill. Got that?

If you don’t change, nothing else will, either.”

And the doctor goes away, while the boy try to find him but fails, and while crying thinks about the words doctor said,



then, he makes a resolution to himself, opens a door, and on the other side, we see the same boy many years after in a doctor’s gownvlcsnap-2017-04-02-15h41m16s408


His name is, Kang Dong Joo, or more precisely, Doctor Kang Dong Joo

Name of episode 1 is:


To be continued….


Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim


Peace to Readers!
Ok, here is my first Project, Review of A Good Medical Korean Drama. You’ve already read the title above. So, I hope it will be worth reading………….
For Convenience, I’ll be using the short form RDTK for this drama from now onwards.